Breathing life into Medical Education.



PulsEducation offers a wide-variety of Medical Education-focused services, custom-developed and delivered to fit your needs.

Basic CPR Classes


Learn the life-saving skill of CPR with Basic-to-Intermediate individual/group sessions.

American Heart Association Certification

All courses taken, are nationally-accredited by the American Heart Association. Full-length Courses offer a 2-year Nationally-recognized Certification Card.

Healthcare Provider Training


Basic Life Support Training helps both aspiring and current medical professionals save and preserve lives!

3D Models & Environments

High-quality Medical 3D Assets developed using 3D Software trusted by industry-level 3D Development Studios!

Medical Animations


Professional-level 2D & 3D Animations developed using industry-leading software and resources.

Medical Graphics & 3D Rendering

Custom-designed Graphics & 3D Renderings for use in Presentations, Textbooks, Art Prints, and more!  



"Healthcare is an industry that is currently being transformed using the latest technology, so it can meet the challenges it is facing in the 21st century." (Forbes) How prepared a Healthcare Professional will be in order to face these challenges is dependent on the quality of the education they've received.


In our advancing society, the use of such technologies as Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR/XR), Medical Animation, Online Learning, and Simulation are becoming the standard for delivering an accessible, interactive, and most-importantly, effective educational experience.

PulsEducation is dedicated to being an affordable resource for individuals, groups, and institutions to obtain high-quality Courseware Assets and Distance Learning Solutions to enhance educational experiences. From nationally-accredited CPR, Basic Life Support, and First Aid classes, to custom 2D & 3D Medical Animation & Design, PulsEducation is dedicated to delivering what is needed for Communities & Organizations to succeed in this ever-advancing field.




Select a Category to see samples of each type of Multimedia Service that PulsEducation offers.

PulsEducation's Pricing Guide for Media Services is Password Protected. Users who request a Free Quote for inquiry of services may be given access to Pricing information.

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3D Models & Environments


Samples of high-quality, interactive 3D Models & Environments created and/or optimized to enhance your educational experiences.

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Medical Animations


Samples of high-quality 2D & 3D Animations, designed to meet the needs of your projects and/or lesson plans.

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Medical Graphics & 3D Rendering


Samples of assets for use in various projects, such as Vector Graphics, Icons, and Illustrations. Compatible with various Learning Management Systems.


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Lawrence is an experienced Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine Provider and Educator of 10 years, who's passionate about developing accessible Medical Education Solutions.

In the years following PulsEducation's establishment in 2017, Lawrence has worked to develop himself as a talented 3D Artist & Generalist, now specializing in Medical/Scientific Animation.


Improving and providing availability and accessibility of such Education Solutions as 3D Animation and Interactive Learning, alongside community-centric courseware, remains his goal.




PulsEducation's Pricing Guide for Media Services is Password Protected. Users who request a Free Quote for inquiry of services may be given access to Pricing information.


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